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Basic 40-Hours Mediation Training

Comments from past attendees:

"Well informed and professional"
-Nedra Harman

"Skilled, knew the material, used excellent instruction techniques and held the class' attention"
-David Hood

Dallas, Texas
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Austin, Texas
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Home Study Course $295 offering all the materials plus “Marketing Your Mediation Practice” manual of over 300 pages of informative information. Includes Video’s and all training material Approved by the State Bar of Texas.  Learn at your own pace in as quick or as long as you wish, includes interactive discussions, questions and answers online and continued support with tips and new announcement of techniques to enhance your practice. (Order Below)



Mediation is a method of resolving legal, business, civil and family matters.

A Mediator:

  • Mediator does not give advice

  • Eliminates barriers of communication

  • Does try to bring parties together

  • Is impartial

  • Always is confidential

  • Tailors his mediation to the parties' needs

  • Open to various avenues of communication negotiations

  • Reflective to both parties




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  • To qualify for court appointments.

  • To augment your income and skills.

  • To start a new career or enhance career.

  • To help people save time and money and to reduce stress.

  • To protect people from the ravages of a trial.

  • To provide a much needed service to you community.

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Mediation training will enable participants to:

  • Understand the process of mediation.

  • Recognize when use of the process is appropriate.

  • Identify the reasons to use mediation and learn ways to overcome objections.

  • Demonstrate the techniques used in mediation.

  • Understand hidden agendas.

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The basic course is designed for professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, Attorneys, Ministers, Teachers, Human Resource Managers, Department heads, Real Estate Agents and Mental Health professional who want to:

  • Qualify for court appointments.

  • Augment income and skills.

  • Start a new career.

  • Enhance career goals.

  • Help litigants save the costs and risks associated with a trial.

  • Help reduce stress and preserve relationships.

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ADR Services International, Inc. is accredited with the following agencies, and each course is eligible for the following credits:

MCLE  40 Hours + 3 Hour Ethics (Attorneys)
CPE  40 Hours Credit (CPAs)
CE  40 Hours Credit (Real Estate)

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Designed to train professionals as mediators, the 40-hour basic course is accredited by the Texas State Bar and meets the basic training requirement of the State of Texas. The four-day program includes lecture, discussion, group exercise, and role playing to maximize the training experience. A newly revised manual is included in the program fee. The course begins at 8:00 a.m. on the first day, and concludes at 5:00 p.m. on the fourth day, with the distribution of certificates.

Contents of Course:

  • Definition of and the law governing mediation.

  • Forms of alternate dispute resolution.

  • Communication skills, confidentiality, and ethics.

  • Listening techniques.

  • Case studies and examples, including banking, commercial, partnership, construction, personal injury.

  • Methods and strategies such as risk analysis, floating proposals and divide and conquer.

  • Reality testing.

  • Contracts overview.

  • Case evaluation techniques.

  • Psychological, financial, and legal issues.

  • Preventing legal problems.

  • Drafting agreements.

  • Case studies.

  • Role playing.

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First Day

- What is A.D.R.?
        -The vocabulary of terms
        - How did ADR evolve?
        - Where is it going?
- Requirements for Mediation
- Understanding the principles of negotiation
- The art of neutrality
 -The importance of listening skills
 -The stages of the mediation process
- Role Playing
- Analysis
- The importance of case analysis
- Mediator's opening statement

Second Day

- Preparation for a successful mediation
- Role Playing
- Presentation of styles of negotiation
- The importance and art of listening
- The states of mediation process
- Analysis of group dynamics
- Imbalance of power in mediation and the remedies

Third Day

- Styles of mediators
- Ethics in mediation
- Fact situations appropriate for mediation
- Analysis of problem areas
- Enforceability of settlement agreements

Fourth Day

- Serial litigation - mediation large cases
- Impasse
- Closure and follow-up
- Role Playing
- Contracts

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Course fee is $895.00 and due in full first day of course. A $200 deposit is required. A $100 refund may be received with 7 days advance written notification.  Home Study Course $295 full payment required upon application, credit cards not accepted on the Home Study Course, Please send Check to ADR Services International, Inc. 11323 Olympia Drive, Houston, TX 77077.

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